Place Card Holders

We have a lovely collection of Place Card Holders. These are widely popular on business counters and on tables at elegant weddings. Each of these as a bamboo base with either a metal or wood clip; thus, they are made with more eco-friendly materials versus other standard holders. You will love having these gorgeous place card holders at your event or venue.

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Place Card Holders Information

Even our place card holders are eco-friendly

Place card holders are gaining popularity; however, some are made of nonrenewable resources. This is detrimental to our environment. Restaurantware's place card holders are made of bamboo, which is a sustainable resource. Thus, they are better for the planet as opposed to other options.

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Place card holders are a hit

Our place card holders are widely popular at weddings, banquets, restaurants, bars, and other venues. These are great for holding business cards, signs, labels, and other similar items. They are very stylish, so your guests will love the look of our place card holders.

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Place card holders are perfect for many different venues and can be used in a multitude of ways. You can get creative and always find new ways to use them. These are made out of premium materials, so you can use them for a long time.

Use our card holders in many ways

These card holders are specially designed to easily hold any sign, card, or label. Many use them to label different tables, display business cards, and hold informative signs. Your guests will love your innovation when decorating your tables, counters, and booths with our place card holders.

At Restaurantware, our goal to help you succeed as a restaurant, catering business, or other establishment. You can do this by using our place card holders to impress your customers. Not only can they hold cards, but they can also showcase your advertisements.

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