Paper Tableware in Parties

Paper Tableware in Parties

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Paper tableware is a hit at every party

Our paper collection can help you bring fun, colorful decorations to any party. Whether your party is indoors or outdoors, our paper products are stylish and durable enough to impress your guests. We have paper straws, food bags, cones, placemats, napkins, and takeout boxes. Restaurantware is the best place to get all of your party paper tableware needs.

No matter your party theme, we have a paper product to match it perfectly. We offer vibrant colors and unique designs to bring life and personality to any table, display, or buffet. Your guests will compliment you and your decorations repeatedly throughout the night.

You can also add your own personal touch by using our products in creative ways. The quality and design of each of our paper products ensure they are not only beautiful, but dependent as well. We want to make sure you have a successful party, and our paper products help you throw an event everyone will remember.

Paper Drinking Straws

Eco-friendly Paper Drinking Straws

Bagasse Plates

Eco-Friendly Bagasse Plates

Take Out Paper Boxes

Eco-Friendly Take Out Paper Boxes


Restaurantware can be the life of any party

Paper Straws

Our paper straws will immediately spice up any drink with their elegant and strong design. These straws are fun to drink out of, and your guest will love every second. We have multiple colors and designs, including stripes, polka dots, and rings. Our straws have been and continue to be a staple in the hottest parties around, no matter the theme. There are many other ways you can use our paper straws while planning a party. Our paper straws are sturdy enough to be used in crafts as well. You can use theme to make wreaths or even garlands.


Napkins are a necessity for any event, and picking out quality napkins will ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible. Where there’s food, there’s usually a mess too, and our napkins will surely help you and your guests clean it up so the party can continue. Our napkins come in different styles and colors, but all are tough and luxurious. Our kangaroo napkins simplify setting the table by having a pouch to hold cutlery. This neat presentation will surely impress every guest. We also have more traditional napkins in varying colors and designs. You and your guests will love the soft touch of our paper napkins, especially after enjoying a delicious meal or a smooth cocktail. Also, the many different colors and designs will help you pick the perfect napkin for your event. These paper napkins will definitely add color and character to any table. So not only are they functional, but our napkins are also elegant and chic.

Paper Bags

Guests always love taking home goodie bags from parties. Don’t waste time running around town trying to find a sturdy paper bag -- our food bags are the perfect choice. Ours come in many different designs, including polka dots, zig zags, and asian monogram, and a variety of colors. Whether you’re planning a casual or themed party, our paper food bags will give your guests something to remember you by. If you aren’t giving goodie bags out, then our food bags are also a great choice for serving pastries or other small treats. If you’re looking for a more unique way to send some treats home with your guests, also take a look at our paper takeout boxes. These boxes are bigger and sturdier than our food bags, so they are a perfect choice when sending multiple goodies home with your guests. Not only are our takeout boxes good for sending treats home, but they are also a great decoration for certain party themes. For example, if you’re having an oriental-themed party, then our Noodle Take Out Containers would be perfect either serving or creating take-home packages. Our paper collection is very diverse, so you can surely find the perfect products for your event of the year.

Paper Cones

Our paper cones are the most innovative product in this collection. These cones come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, and are a different way to display fries, donut holes, popcorn, candy, chips, or any other small treats. Our paper cones are made with premium materials, so they are sturdy enough to last through the party. So there’s no need to worry when your customers take these around while eating and mingling. Our cones come in unique prints including news, picnic, and bamboo. If you’re looking for simple cones, then we also have them in white and black. If you’re looking a way to serve and store liquid treats, such as ice cream or soup, then our paper cups are the best option. They come in small, medium, and large, and are a very versatile collection. In case you want to send any of these hot or cold treats home with guests, lids are available for each cup but they are sold separately.

Paper Placemats

Premium Paper Soup Cups

Placemats are a sure-way to impress your guests by personalizing their table settings. We have single-use placemats, but we also have semi-disposable placemats that are good for 10 uses. Our ten-use placemats come in a variety of designs, such as rustic wood, hot chilly, river stone, and slate. So these placemats can either add to your rustic venue, spice up your tabletops, or give your settings an organic touch.

Our modern styles can easily match any theme and impress your guests with their impeccable charm. Our placemats are durable, so they will not crack or tear when being used by your guests. Since they cover your guests’ eating spaces, using our placemats also make cleaning up your venue easier. We aim to make decorating and cleaning up easy for you, while also providing the most elite products available.

Parties are a fun way to get friends together and make memories that last a lifetime. Our paper products will only help your guests have the time of their lives by not worry about the stability and comfort of your paper straws, napkins, and other tableware. Your guests will love our paper products, and will thank you for using such high-quality and stylish disposables. So don’t hesitate, plan your next party with the help of our versatile paper collection.