Paper Servingware

Restaurantware Paper Servingware relieve the stress of serving sauces, dips, and other condiments. These disposable products conveniently save you time when it comes to cleaning up after your event or party. These cups are the perfect choice for caterers, event planners, and restaurateurs.

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Paper Servingware Information

Use these at your next party

These condiment cups are the perfect choice for your next party. You can use these cups in many different ways on tables, counters, and more. Your guests will love their chic look and durability.

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Recycling helps the planet

These condiment cups are convenient because they are disposable. However, they are also eco-friendly because they are made from recyclable paper. Recycling materials helps reduce the need for new resources, which can halt our negative impact on the environment.

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Our Paper Servingware are perfect for catering businesses, restaurants, food trucks, and many more establishments. They are convenient and disposable, but they are also very resilient when holding different sauces, dips, or side dishes.

Use our condiment cups in many different venues

We aim to bring you the eco-friendliest tableware available, and our recycable Paper Servingware hold to that standard. They are also beautiful, so you won't have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for a strong and green container.

These cups are perfect for all different types of events, such as banquets, weddings, dinner parties, fundraisers, and more. Every customer and guest will love the convenience and design of these beautiful condiment cups.

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