Paper Cones

Elegant and strong paper cones, perfect for serving finger foods and dry treats. Different designs and sizes are available, so you can choose the perfect one for your venue.

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Paper Cones Information

Food cones will liven up any atmosphere

Cones are an innovative way to display small treats. They will surely be the life of any party, day or night.

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Recycling is crucial

It's important to recycle paper for our environment. This lessens the need for resources and reduces waste. Your customers will appreciate your efforts.

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These Paper Cones come in a multiple of sizes, shapes and styles, which means they will always be one or more of these cones that you can use to enhance any kind of food presentation. Your party, restaurant and catering guests will all love the high quality, durability, classy elegance and charming feature of any one of these modern day paper food cones.

Add flair to your displays

If you are looking for a new way to serve up your culinary treats, try one of our unique and strongly constructed paper cones. We have a big selection of paper cones that can help you enhance all your upscale or casual food presentations.

Restaurantware offers only high quality paper cones, so you know that they will hold up even after you fill them up with your sweet or savory culinary treats. Our paper cones are made from food safe materials so you can feel good about using them for any kind of food presentation.

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