Palm Bowls

Our Palm Leaf Bowls are made out of the finest, eco-friendly material, thus every bowl you purchase will be strong, durable and hold up well in any outdoor or indoor restaurant, catering and party celebration. You can bet that these bowls will help you create a unique, modern food presentation that all your guests will love and enjoy.

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Palm Plates

Made out of 100% organic materials

Palm Bowls Information

Pair palm leaf bowls and other dinnerware

Our palm leaf bowls go well with our other palm leaf tableware. They match perfectly, so don't forget to pair these products together for a complete table setting.

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Eco-friendly palm tableware is trendsetting

Any venue can get use of our innovative palmware. They are eco-friendly and fashionable, so they look great on any table and help our environment too.

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Our palmeware bowls are great for holding your culinary masterpieces. With a material similar to paper, they are durable, reliable, and beautiful . You will never go back to standard disposables once you try out this collection.

Palm bowls are necessary for green caterers

Each palm bowl is 100% organic and biodegradable so you are making an elegant choice and an eco-conscious one. Your customers will love the green aspects and gorgeous look of these bowls

We aim to gather the eco-friendliest products available for our customers and our bagasse products are just that. Not only are they green, but they are also gorgeous compared to other disposables. So don't wait, browse our collection today.

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