Paddle Skewers

Our bamboo paddle picks will add a depth of character, fun and excitement to your food presentations, they are made from high quality bamboo material so you don't have to worry about the cracking as you stick and poke them into your culinary treats. Our bamboo knot cocktail picks make excellent elements to use in beverages and food displays at any type of party or at any kind of restaurant. You and your guests will fall head over heels for Restaurantware's sturdy and sophisticated bamboo picks and bamboo skewers, so take the time now to order your bamboo food picks today.

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Paddle Skewers Information

Paddle skewers are great for any environment

Our bamboo paddle picks can make a positive impact on any type of food presentation. They are designed to help every caterer and chef create food presentation that every one will love and enjoy. Our paddle picks are great for appetizers, desserts and even as fruit picks or meat skewers.

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Good for your business, better for our planet

Our paddle skewers are great choices for appetizers, dinners, and desserts but they are also wonderful for our environment. Each skewer is made of organic bamboo, so they are biodegradable. This reduces the amount of waste that hits our landfills and clogs them to outstanding measures. Thus, your customers will love these picks and so will our planet.

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Watch your catering clients become tinkled pink when they use our classy food picks to eat your tasty morsels. With every bite your clients and their guests will become happier and happier due to eating your yummy treasures with these stylish food picks. Be the reason that goodness flows throughout the event use our warm pretty food picks.

Customers will love these paddle skewers

These skewers are great for a variety of appetizers, drinks, desserts, and more. Your guests will love their chic look and easy-to-grip design. You can use these at many different events because they go well with a variety of different table settings.

Buy party picks from Restaurantware and make the greatest food display that your clients have ever seen in their lifetime. Our bamboo food picks are durable and hold up well in any kind of food setting. Use them indoors and out and impress all your clients.

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