Mini Vinaigrette

Our mini vinaigrette is perfect for personalizing your customers' salads and other creations. Restaurantware oil and vinegar is made from the highest quality ingredients.
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Mini Vinaigrette Information

All of our edibles are great for different venues

Although or mini vinaigrettes are popular, we have many different edibles that can bring a little something to every table. We make sure that all of our products are made as well as possible, so you can shop confidently. Each of our products has a great taste, texture, and design.

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Each is organically grown and bottled almost instantly. These give your salads and other plates the perfect balance of flavors. They complement many flavors perfectly so you can be sure each customer loves our mini vinaigrette.

Your customers will love these on their tables

Our mini vinaigrettes are very popular in hotels, restaurants, and even in takeout containers. They are personally sized and delicious, so you can give your customers their very own vinaigrette.

We only provide the most delicious and well made edibles available, so you can be sure our mini vinaigrettes will be wonderful. You and your customers will fall in love with them instantly.

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