Metal Tableware

Refined. Impeccable. Versatile.
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Baking Cups

Can resist temperatures up to 500 degrees

Taco Racks

Specially designed for tacos and similar treats

Mini Serving Pieces

Flawless presentation with these metal pieces

Serving Baskets

Fancy baskets and holders for any table

Cone Holders

The perfect solution to serving many cones

Tetsubin Teapots

Authentic cast iron teapots

Condiment Cups

Just the right size for any sauce

Metal Tableware Information

We have many different types of metals

Our versatile metal collection has products made of various metals. Each has different strengths, but all are perfect for any restaurant, catering business, or other establishment.


Recycling Metal

Our metal collection can help your business be eco-friendlier. Not only is most of our collection reusable, but these products are also recyclable.


Our metal tableware is designed out of premium, durable materials, it adds a unique and creative touch to any upscale or casual food presentation. You will be able to create an eye-catching food feast when you use our metal dishes, metal tableware and stainless steel tableware in your restaurant, catering and home party celebrations. The durability, sturdiness and class of our bamboo stainless steel tableware and metal tableware is so impressive that you will never go anywhere to purchase metal tableware once you use Restaurantware's metal tableware.

Metal can stylishly present your dishes

Metal tableware is unique and classy, it can help you create a first-class food display that will look fantastic in any catering, restaurant or party setting. You can expect Restaurantware's Metal Tableware to be durable, modern and cleverly constructed thus it is sure to meet the needs of any chef, restaurant manager, caterer, party host and party event planner.

Being a chef who shows off their food in unique ways is absolutely a must in the culinary world. Our metal tableware can help you be creative and achieve your goal of showcasing your food in unique fun ways. We take pride in being one of the best metal tableware suppliers so let us help you obtain durable and classy metal dishes today.

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