Melamine Plates

Restaurantware's food safe melamine plates are great to use in your restaurant, bar, hotel, bakery, country club, or any other establishment. Not only do these plates look glamorous, but they are also very strong and reliable. These melamine plates are scratch and break resistant, so you won't have to worry aboutheir look even after using them day after day. These plates are also safe to use when serving either hot or cold foods.

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Melamine Collection Information

Our melamine collection is full of great products that help you create a fantastic food presentation. These durable bowls, plates, cups, sets, and utensils are perfect for any setting. They are versatile, reliable, and beautiful, so you won't have to worry about keeping in style with great tableware.

Melamine is reusable and trendy

Melamine is the perfect alternative to other types of tableware, especially when looking for a safe alternative to glass or ceramic. This tableware is very cost-effective because it will not only save you money at purchase, but it will last a long time even when used daily.

Melamine is also food safe, so you can make sure that you are serving your customers with healthy tableware. With all of melamine's good qualities, there's no reason not to invest in this entire collection. So, go ahead and browse our melamine tableware today.

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