Knotted Skewers

Restaurantware’s knotted bamboo skewers and picks are created with all-natural, sustainable bamboo. Stylishly crafted with a secured knot for handling, our skewers and picks enable food portability and safe transfer for a variety of serving purposes. The pointed end is strong and sharp enough for spearing meats, seafood, poultry, fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy the heat and water resistant quality of our premium bamboo skewers and picks for craft cocktails, appetizer presentations, salad garnishes, and individual small bites. Find a variety of small bamboo picks for petite presentations, as well as long knotted skewers for more elaborate hors d'oeuvres on

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Knotted Skewers Information

Our fabulous knotted skewers add a modern flair to any dish

These eco-friendly bamboo knotted skewers are just perfect for appetizers, cocktails preparation and also make a fine addition to any kind of buffet or food setting including indoor and outdoor catering events.These charming and classy skewers can help you enhance the overall aura of your restaurant, food truck, catering venue and party settings.

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Bamboo skewers are the best choice

Our knotted bamboo skewers are made from durable bamboo thus you can use them in both outdoor and indoor food environments. Knotted skewers add a natural earthy touch to both mocktails or as bamboo cocktail skewers. Bamboo is also sustainable, so they are eco-friendly.

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Our knotted bamboo skewers come in different sizes, shapes, colors and styles so you can get long bamboo skewers for your kabobs and other skewer recipes. You can also get short bamboo skewers for your fruit platters, meat trays or to enhance your beverages.

Our knotted skewers will be the life at any party

They are made from premium material so you can feel good about knowing that these gems will hold up well to the vigors of any kitchen. They will not break while your guests are using them. So, there is no need to worry when you use our premium knotted skewers.

Your customers will love their organic look and convenient design. These skewers go well with many different venues and themes, so you can mix and match with ease. The knotted design adds a modern twist which brings any dish to life.

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