Tetsubin Teapots

Our Tetsubin tea pots are crafted out of premium material, they are easy to handle and won't burn our fingers as you hold them in your hands. Restaurantware is honored to present to you high quality, charming looking and fashionably designed cast iron tea kettles and cast iron tea cups. Your restaurant, catering and party guests will be delighted to drink their hot beverages out of Restaurantware's stylish cast iron tea cups and tea kettles.

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Tetsubin Teapots Information

Unique alone but better when matched

These cast iron tea kettles are bound to be tableware items that all your customer remember forever. Try them out today and create the perfect Tea set by matching them with the cast iron teacups.

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Metal is reusable and recyclable

Metal is a recyclable material and can be remade into other metal products. This is great for our environment for many reasons.

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Tetsubin teapots can help you create an amazingly tasty tea that everyone will love to drink on a day to day basis. These tea pots are made of high quality material and add a special charm to any party, restaurant or catering event.

Original Tetsubin teapots

Tetsubin teapots add a stylish sleek element to any hot beverage station. They are made from durable, heavy duty material that helps keep your drinks hot while your guests are drinking them.

Some benefits of cast iron tea pots are their stylish design, their durability, their charming appearance and their ability to keep drinks hot during dinners and party events. Tetusbin cast iron tea pots can certainly help you create an unforgettable tea party that all your guests will enjoy.

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