Restaurantware's work gloves are expertly designed to meet your needs, whether you're handling sharp objects or working with tools. No matter if you're working in damp environments or dealing with lubricants, you can rely on the strong grip offered by our dotted gloves. Our warehouse gloves are designed to give you the confidence and control to carry out your work efficiently and safely.

Thanks to their robust construction, you can confidently handle tasks that involve potential minor hazards, ensuring your hands are shielded while working. The PVC dot coating on a selection of our gloves delivers a secure grip, enabling you to handle tools and equipment with precision and confidence. The snug fit ensures a comfortable feel while preventing debris from entering, ensuring a clean and efficient work experience. You can count on our gloves to maintain their excellent performance, as they are specifically designed for repeated use.

In addition, a selection of our warehouse gloves is constructed from a polyester and cotton blend material. This combination not only ensures durability but also absorbs sweat, keeping your hands dry and comfortable throughout your tasks. With our heavy-duty gloves, you can say goodbye to the discomfort caused by excess moisture and focus on getting the job done. Plus, our work gloves are available in various sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every hand. From small to large, we have the right size to accommodate all users. Easily complete your janitorial supplies with our cleaning caddies and spray bottles. Don’t forget to check out our cut-resistant gloves as well.

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