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Restaurantware Icons Scholarship Program

As a leading supplier of contemporary kitchen supplies, Restaurantware is always driving the industry standard for innovation and quality. We know that the ideas and dreams of tomorrow’s chefs are just as important as today’s icons. We are showing our support for future culinarians through the Restaurantware Icons Scholarship Program.

Restaurantware will provide two $1,000 grants each year to culinary students that have displayed the same passion and enthusiasm for innovation in the foodservice industry as Restaurantware. One grant will be provided in the first half of each calendar year, and the other one will be provided at the end of each calendar year. Eligible students need to be currently enrolled or planning to enroll full time in the fields of Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, or a similar program at an accredited culinary arts school or college.


Candidates must provide proof of enrollment or future enrollment in a culinary arts school or college with an accredited culinary arts, hospitality or similar program at the start of the next school year. This includes secondary students, high school seniors, GED students, as well as tertiary educational students.

Application Process

Applicants must visit and follow instructions to submit a 250-500 word essay. Essays should address the role eco-friendly tableware will play in the foodservice industry in the coming years, as well as how to balance green initiatives with style and presentation. Essays must be submitted in .pdf or .doc form by June 30th and December 31st of each year to be eligible for the following semester’s grants. All applicants must be able to provide proof of enrollment or application in a program as listed above upon request.