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Clamp Lid

Reliable storage or stunning decor

Swing Top Bottles

Elegant bottles for drinks or dressings

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Petite glasses great for tasting

Double Wall

Make a statement with these exhilarating glasses

Glass Collection Information

Our Eco-Friendly Glassware is a Necessity

Glassware is a must in any food establishment. Our glass tableware is made of high-quality materials so you can rely on in without a worry.


How to Care for Glassware

Taking good care for your glassware is crucial in extending its longevity. Impacts and conditions affect a glass' susceptibility to shattering.


Our glass collection contains top-of-the-line glass items, including premium cocktail and beverage glasses, clamp lid mason jars, olive oil bottles and much more. Restaurantware is honored to present to you high quality glassware that you can trust to hold up well in both indoor and outdoor food environments. You and your guests are going to adore all the glasses that come from our modern glass collection so do every one the honors and start using our premium glasses now.

Glass is a standard in the food industry

ORestaurantware's glass collection offers high quality items that every person in the food industry should be using on a regular basis. All the pieces that you obtain from our glass collection are made from premium high quality glass material thus you can feel confident that our glass products will be perfect for your restaurant, catering company or home party setting.

Our glass collection is rich in elegance and design, we have a variety of glassware that will work great in restaurants, catering events and home party settings. Plus, you can use the items from our glass collection to serve and store edible and non-edible food items. For instance, try using our glass drinkware for serving beverages or your favorite dessert. Or, use a durable glass mason jar for storing paper clips and more.

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