Our food pipettes are made from premium plastic material, they make life in the kitchen easier because you can use them to transfer liquids from one food dish to another food dish. You can even use our mini plastic pipettes to put a variety of condiments and sauces on fries, chips and much more. Don't wait any longer get Restaurantware's food grade pipettes and simplify life in your kitchen.

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Pipettes Information

Pipettes are recyclable

Our pipettes are plastic, so they are recyclable. They are great for you dishes, but they are also eco-friendly.

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Pipettes are eco-friendly

Just like our other products, we ensure that we have the eco-friendliest items available. Our pipettes meet that standard because they are recyclable plastic.

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These useful food pipettes will make your life easier because you can use them to transfer small amounts of liquid from one food item to another food item. These are functional and strongly made food pipettes are durable, thus they won't easily break as you are transferring your liquids. Go ahead, make life simplier, use these amazing food pipettes.

Pipettes are very popular in kitchens

Our food pipettes are made from strong materials, you will be amazed by the density and durability of these disposble mini pipettes. Every kitchen can benefit from having several Restaurantware mini plastic pipettes in their kitchen because these amazing tools makes it easier to transfer liquids to and from food items.

Restaurantware's food pipettes come in several sizes, they are perfect to use for adding an extra punch to berries, chocolates and much more. Try our mini pipettes for food out by getting some strawberries, some type of alcohol and some pipettes. Put the alcohol in a pipette, push the pipette into the strawberry, then you can easily put the alcohol into the berry. This is a yummy and sensational adult culinary treat.

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