Food Boats

  • Jazz up your fruit slaws and much more by serving them in these Medium Pinewood Boats. This boat is showcasing a delicious fruit slaw, isn't it beautiful?

    Pinewood Boat Medium 6 inches 200 count box


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  • medium bamboo leaf boat showing popcorn and macaroons

    Bamboo Boat Medium 7.25 inches 200 count box


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  • Bamboo Boat Small 5.25 inches 200 count box

    Bamboo Boat Small 5.25 inches 200 count box


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  • Mini pinewood boats add a charming touch to appetizers, desserts and many other culinary treats, they are made from biodegradable wood and will help you create a unique food presentation.

    Pinewood Boat Mini 3.25 inches 200 count box


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  • melon and orange dish in bamboo leaf boat in large size.

    Bamboo Boat Large 8 inches 200 count box


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  • Large Pinewood Boat showcasing a tasty strawberry shortcake treat, Perfect vessels to use at catering events, parties and in restaurant establishments.

    Pinewood Boat Large 8 inches 200 count box


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  • Small pinewood food boat holding chips

    Pinewood Boat Small 5 inches 200 count box


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  • This small size bamboo canoe is made from durable, sustainable materials, it makes the perfect dish for serving little sized appetizers, desserts and other culinary treats.

    Bamboo Canoe Small 4 inches 100 count box


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  • bamboo canoe dish showcasing sushi roll and garnish

    Bamboo Canoe Large 6 inches 100 count box


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  • Small Bamboo Sushi Boat 13 inches

    Small Bamboo Sushi Boat 13 inches 1 count box


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  • These boats are made out of natural bamboo material, thus you can feel good about using eco-friendly tableware pieces in your restaurant, authentic food establishment, catering events and party celebrations.

    Large Bamboo Sushi Boat 17.3 inches 1 count box


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Cast away your thoughts of always having to use run-of-the-mill plates. Do an about-face and start using mind-blowing food boats. Check out the looks that appear on all your catering client’s faces when they see your tasty treats featured on charming stylish food boats. The looks that you will see on your guests faces will surely make you want to use our cool Food Boats over and over.

Food Boats Food Presentation

Accumulate plenty of unique and magical catering tableware by shopping at Restaurantware. Our food boats will help your catering business rise high above your competitors, they add charm to any kind of food environment. You are sure to impress all your catering and restaurant customers when you use our disposable food trays, food boats and food containers. 

Our catering products are all made from havey duty material and simply magical. You will definitely fall in love with the quality of our disposable serving trays, including our wood and bamboo food boats.