Faux Flowers

Our faux flower collection has many different flowers that make great centerpieces. You can use these on any table at weddings, banquets, restaurants, and many other venues. In addition to standard faux flowers, we also have flowers that double as hand soaps. Thus, they are an innovative way to supply your bathroom sinks.

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Faux Flowers Information

Faux flowers look great with our plastic tableware

Our vast collection of gorgeous faux flowers will surely impress every customer. The vibrant colors of these decorations go perfectly with the classy elegance of our plastic tableware. Both lines are great for caterers and restaurateurs.

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Faux flowers are a must-have

We have an extensive collection of tableware for restaurants, caterers, and other businesses. Faux flowers are just another way to stand out by adding elegant decor to your venue. Not only do we have standard flowers, but we also have bouquets that double as hand soap.

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Faux flowers are all-the-rage in the restaurant business right now. These are more convenient, don't take time to care for, and last longer than live flowers. They also don't trigger allergies of some of your more sensitive customers.

Divine faux flowers for any venue

Restaurantware faux flowers are great for decorating weddings, banquets, restaurants, hotels, and more. We have many different styles of flowers including roses, orchids, and other plants.

Our faux flower collection is gorgeous and will set you apart from your competitors. Our faux roses, orchids, and other plants are all beautiful and vibrant. Some flowers can even be used as hand soap with their pleasant fragrance.

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