Sealed confections and snacks are a fantastic way to sell your tasty treats while keeping them fresh. All of our heat sealable bags lock in freshness before being sold, and you need a heat sealer to seal them up, so only customers who purchase your treats can rip the bags open. That’s why Restaurantware offers quality heat seal equipment and supplies.

Our Luxury Industrial Grade Food Safe sealers are designed to create a strong, resilient seal on our heat sealable bags. Choose between our hand impulse sealer, which is portable, effective and comes with a light indicator that signals when your bag is properly sealed and ready for selling. The pedal impulse heat sealer is great for volume of heat seal bags

Whether it’s chips, donuts, cookies, candy-coated chocolates, or fresh fruit, you’re going to need heat seal bags to enhance presentation, maintain food freshness and safety, and improve customer experience. That’s why these heat seal machines are a must-have tool.

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