Coffee fuels the world. And now your customers and banquet guests can help themselves to as many freshly brewed cups-of-Joe that they desire with Restaurantware’s exquisitely designed Met Lux stainless steel coffee urns.

Elegant in style and convenient in function, these coffee dispensers can hold up to 12 liters of coffee. They’re also clog-free and easy to clean, allowing your guests simple and undisturbed access to a hot cup of coffee. Our easy to use coffee urns will keep your java hot for hours, so that those attending the business seminars you’re catering for can stay properly caffeinated all through the day. They're also light and easy to set up, so you can have as many urns lining the banquet tables at your next major gala as you need.

Restaurantware’s stainless steel coffee urns are a gorgeous, sleek, easy-to-use contemporary serving piece, perfect for any banquet, wedding reception or gala.

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