Made to be stuffed to the brim with fruit, custards, creams and other fillers, tarts and tartlets are perfect little shortcrust baked receptacles of deliciousness. Restaurantware offers a diverse and varied selection of delicately tasty edible tarts from Alba Foods.

Whether you’re baking apple tarts, lemon meringue, or Mexican blackberry, we have the right type, size, and flavor of tart for you to choose from.

Among our selection are Alba brand chocolate dough butter tartlets, perfect for mini desserts, flans, and creams like Bavarian, and crème caramel. We also offer neutral sweet margarine tartlets, as well as vegetable oil coated tartlets, perfect for butter tarts and strawberry tarts. We even have serving spoon-shaped tartlets.

Flaky, flavorful, and made from quality ingredients, Restaurantware’s extensive selection of tarts by Alba is sure to have exactly what you need to fill all your consumable tart and tartlet needs.

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  1. Alba Large Cream Horn - 4 3/4" - 50 count box

    SKU: PN977
  2. Alba Tartlet - Neutral - 194 count box

    SKU: MG64
  3. Alba Butter Tartlet - Neutral - 346 count box

    SKU: MG44
  4. Alba Butter Tartlet - Sweet - 346 count box

    SKU: MG42
  5. Alba Sable Kosher Tartlet - 108 count box

    SKU: TS12
  6. Alba Straight Tartlet - Sweet - 216 count box

    SKU: HA265
  7. Alba Tartlet - Sweet - 194 count box

    SKU: MG62
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