The edible puff pastry has come a long way since the first recipe for how to make them was published in a French cookbook in 1653. Since then, the puff has evolved into a myriad of sweet and savory treats that have satisfied millions of sweet tooths and meat lovers around the world. That’s why Restaurantware offers a diverse selection of consumable puff pastries made with quality ingredients from Alba Foods.

Delicate, delicious and ready to fill, these pastry puffs are perfect for fillings of any kind. Whether it’s custards, pastry creams, fruit, beef, or chicken pot pie, we have just what you need to serve up delicious fare in a tasty, delicate, flaky puff.

Whether you’re serving up something sweet, or a hot meat-filled confection, Restaurantware has you covered with this quality consumable puff pastry selection from Alba.

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