Cups are meant to drink from. But when it comes to ice cream and dessert, all rules are tossed to the side. We say you can have your dessert cup and eat it too. That’s why Restaurantware offers a bevy of delectably convenient edible cups from Alba Foods.

Whether you’re serving ice cream, apple tarts, lemon meringue, banana pudding, or even trifles and Charlotte cakes, we have the right type, size and flavor of consumable cups for you to choose from.

Among our selection are Alba brand sweet vegetable oil tulips with the inside of the bowl coated in chocolate. We also offer savory Kosher cocktail cups, edible neutral and chocolate serving spoons, chocolate praline cups, and so much more.

No matter what you plan on serving, you can get wild and creative with your dessert creations with these consumable cups.

Flaky, flavorful and made from quality ingredients, Restaurantware’s extensive selection of edible cups by Alba is sure to have exactly what you need to fill all of your dessert serving needs.

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