Edible Shells

These beautiful edible shells take the stress out of baking gourmet treats for large crowds. Choose from our large variety of edible shells depending on your specific treat.
  • waffle cone with ice cream, strawberries and chocolate syrup.

    Alba Sweet Waffle Bowl 3 inches 108 count box


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  • Hafner Mini Puff Shell Bouchee, flaky, tasty and a top-notch home for your favorite dessert filling.

    Alba Mini Puff Shell Bouchee 1.35 inches 240 count box


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  • Alba Mini Savory Cocktail Cup, use these classy looking and tasty cups to create a marvelous appetizer, great to use at weddings or other upscale parties.

    Alba Mini Savory Cocktail Cup 1.5 inches 180 count box


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  • Flaky, Flavorful Sweet Butter Shortcrust Tartlet - makes the perfect canvas for dessert treats.

    Alba Sweet Butter Shortcrust Tartlet 288 count box


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  • 1.5 neutral sable tartlets

    Alba Neutral Sable Kosher Tartlet 1.5 inches Square, 378 count box


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  • Butter Cream Puff by Hafner, save some time in the kitchen by filling these delectable cream puffs up with your favorite whipped cream, chocolate or lemon filling and create a one of a kind tasty dessert treat.

    Alba Butter Cream Puff 120 count box


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  • 1.5 inch neutral straight tartlets

    Alba Neutral Straight Tartlet 1.5 inches 360 count box


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  • Mini Neutral Profiterole can be stuffed with your favorite dessert or appetizer filling, great element to add to any dessert buffet.

    Alba Neutral Butter Profiteroles 250 count box


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  • 1.75 inch sweet flowered tartlets

    Alba Sweet Flower Tartlet 1.75 inches 240 count box


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  • Rosemary Cranberry Crackers, offer a unique taste and packed with full flavor, ideal to serve as appetizers or snacks.

    Alba Rosemary Cranberry Crackers 200 count box


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  • Hafner Neutral Butter Shortcrust, excellent vessel for your favorite savory filling.

    Alba Neutral Butter Shortcrust Tartlet 216 count box


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  • 1.75 inch neutral flowered tartlets

    Alba Neutral Flower Tartlet 1.75 inches 240 count box


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  • 5.5 inch sweet large waffle cones

    Alba Sweet Large Waffle Bowl 5.3 inches 108 count box


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  • Hafner Sweet Butter Shortcrust Tartlet, perfect spot for you to put your favorite sweet filling.

    Alba Sweet Butter Shortcrust Tartlet 216 count box


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  • Fill up this flavorful cannoli shell up with your favorite pastry filling and create an amazing dessert treat.

    Alba Extra Small Cannoli 2 inches 300 count box


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  • Neutral Vegetable Oil Phyllo Cup, flaky, tasty cups that can be used for desserts or appetizers.

    Alba Neutral Vegetable Oil Phyllo Cup 360 count box


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  • Hafner Sweet Straight Edge Tartlets showcasing a lovely chocolate mousse along with a cherry, pineapple and candy stick for garnish.

    Alba Sweet Straight Tartlet 1.5 inches 360 count box


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  • 2 inch lovely sweet sable kosher tartlets

    Alba Sweet Sable Kosher Tartlet 2 inches 140 count box


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  • Sweet Chocolate Stripe Mini Bavarois make elegant and classy mini dessert treats, just fill with your favorite dessert filling and serve.

    Alba Sweet Mini Bavarois Chocolate Strip 60 count box


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  • Hafner Chocolate Dough Mini Spoon, offers a chocolate flavor that all your guest will enjoy, perfect for serving up dessert fillings.

    Alba Chocolate Dough Mini Spoon 270 count box


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Edible Shells Information

We have more edibles than our shells

Our shells are only the beginning of our vast edibles collection which includes a wide range of different products. You can find everything you need in to simplify your life in the kitchen in our edibles collection. Whether you are looking for a shell or oher products, we have the right selection for you.

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Revolutionize your kitchen with our edibles

Our edibles collection is here to make your life easier. We have many different products that innovate your kitchen, so be sure to browse our entire edibles collection.

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Each is made with the highest quality ingredients, so they will complement your delicious fillings well. Your customers will love the decadent taste and modern look of all of our edible shells.

Buttery, sweet, and savory selections

So whether you are making connolis, cream horns, or any other treats, be sure to simplify the process of making your desserts by using our edible shells.

Our collection of edibles can be a huge part of your restaurant. Don't waste time making particularly difficult pastries, use our shells instead. Each go deliciously well with any cream or filling.

Pick your perfect edible

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