Edible Cones

We have a variety of edible cones to choose from, including sweet and savory choices. We also have an assortment of different sizes, from mini to large. Thus, our cone collection has an option for any type of treats, from appetizers to entrees to desserts.
  • Neutral Edible Cones

    Pidy Neutral Mini Cone 2.4 inches 90 count box


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  • Hafner Mini Cone 2.7"

    Alba Sweet Mini Waffle Cone 2.5 inches 216 Count box


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  • Savory Waffle Cone, a unique delicious cone that makes a great home for your savory fillings, perfect for parties, restaurants and catering events.

    Alba Savory Waffle Cone 160 count box


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  • Sweet Waffle Cones offers you the chance to create a classic waffle cone desserts or to make a new modern ice cream treat.

    Alba Sweet Waffle Cone Medium 4 inches 160 Count box


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  • 2.7 inch  tasty mini cream horn cones

    Alba Neutral Mini Cream Horn Cone 2.7 inches 120 count box


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  • 2.5 inch sweet mini cream horn cones

    Alba Sweet Mini Cream Horn Cone 2.5 inches 120 count box


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Edible Cones Information

Our cones are just the beginning

Our cones are popular for many different treats, but we have many different edibles products. You can find everything you need for your next event in our edibles selection. Each is made with the highest quality ingredients, so you can be sure you are getting the best product.

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Our edibles will impress your customers

Restaurantware edibles are easy to use so you won't have to worry about any overly complicated recipes. These products will surely be a hit at every restaurant or event.

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Our mini cones are perfect for tasting or sampling creations, while our larger cones are great for bigger dishes. If you are serving multiple cones at once or would like to display your different cones, then our cone stands are perfect for you. We have the perfect cone stand for any size cone.

Cones are the next big trend

Our cones are perfect for many different creations, savory or sweet. These products are very versatile, so you can easily add your own creative touch.

Restaurantware has the best selection of different sizes and styles of cones. You can be sure that you will find your perfect cone here. So don't wait, shop our collection today.

Pick your perfect edible

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