Double Wall Glasses

Our double wall glasses are made out of premium glass material, they are built with a durable and strong thermal insulated layer that helps them keep cold drinks colder longer than other types of glassware. Restaurantware's double wall insulated glasses come in many sizes and shapes so you can match them up with your restaurant, bar, catering and party tableware. Your guests will be impressed by your food and beverage presentations when they see your culinary treats and refreshing beverages served up in a fascinating Restaurantware double wall glasses.

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Double Wall Information

Reusing double wall glasses helps our planet

Our double wall glasses are phenomenal, especially when serving handcrafted desserts. They are also great for our planet so you can feel confident knowing that as well.

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Be sure to care for glassware

Double wall glasses are perfect for display desserts,but not if they aren't taken care of. So be sure to take the necessary steps to keep your glassware in the best shape.

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Double Wall Glasses are strong, durable and make excellent drinking glasses. They add a unique, fun and intriguing element to any restaurant, catering or party setting. You and your guests will love everything about these high quality classy glasses.

Beautiful double wall glasses are a trend

Use Restaurantware Double Wall Glasses and you will no longer have to worry about glasses breaking or cracking when your party guests are enjoying a cool beverage. Double wall insulated glasses are ideal for keeping cold beverages colder for a longer period of time thus your guests will actually be able to savor over a cold refreshing beverage.

Feature Restaurantware Double Wall Insulated Water Glasses and Double Wall Tea Glasses and add an exciting twist to beverage buffet stations. Your guests will also enjoy using double wall tea cups for beverages like tea, coffee and much more.

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