Eco Tek 51 oz Rectangle Kraft and Green Paper Bento Box - 3-Compartment, Compostable - 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 2" - 100 count box

Product Description

Use our Eco Tek 51-ounce Rectangle Kraft and Green Paper Bento Boxes for an eco-friendly way to package meals. Constructed from high-quality paper, these take away boxes are commercially compostable for a nature-friendly alternative to traditional food containers. These rectangular food boxes have a cornstarch-based PLA plastic lining to lock in oily and greasy meals and eliminate messes. These eco-friendly bento boxes have 3 built-in compartments, allowing you to neatly organize 1 main dish and 2 sides in the same container to create an enticing food presentation. With a tab lock closure, these commercially compostable food boxes keep ready-to-eat meals intact and protected during transport. Featuring a kraft and green finish, these disposable food boxes give your food orders an earth-friendly look to match the sustainability standards followed at your foodservice establishment. Containing up to 51 ounces, these grease-resistant food boxes measure 9.5 inches long by 7.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall. Sold in a 100 count box.

Keep Meals Organized

Multiple Compartments For Separating Dishes

These disposable bento boxes feature multiple compartments, allowing you to package your main dish and sides in the same container. Package a variety of dishes without them mixing!

Better For The Earth

Made From Premium Paper

These disposable food boxes are made from high-quality paper, serving as a great alternative to conventional take out boxes. Package lunch or leftovers for your family without worrying about spending time cleaning up used containers.

Pack All Types Of Food

PLA Lining Avoids Messes

These paper food boxes are designed with a cornstarch-based PLA lining that keeps greasy dishes from leaking through and getting your clothing or tables dirty. Built to stand up to grease, oils, dressings, and sauces!

Take Meals With You

Tab Lock Closure Protects Food

Designed with a convenient tab lock closure and foldable flaps, these take out containers allow you to cover meals so you can take them wherever you go. These paper food containers keep dishes covered and secure to avoid accidental messes.

Strong & Sturdy

Built To Hold Hefty Dishes

These single-use food boxes are sturdy, allowing you to fill them with food and not worry about them breaking. The compartments in these disposable bento boxes offer plenty of space for your meals!

Sold In Bulk

Don’t Worry About Running Out

Each order includes 100 disposable bento boxes, making them ideal for packaging to go orders at your restaurant or meals for family gatherings. These paper take out boxes are perfect for packaging food for numerous guests.

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Product Specs
Capacity50.72 oz
Length (Inches)9.4
Width (Inches)7.4
Height (Inches)2.1
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