Cafe Vision Rectangle Clear Plastic Lid - Fits Small Click Lock Container - 200 count box

Product Description

Made to fit our Small Cafe Vision Click Lock Take Out Containers, these plastic lids are sturdy, clear, and click-lock atop the food container to stay on securely. Made from PET plastic, which is safe, strong, lightweight, flexible, and recyclable, these lids are a must-have for safe and effective small take out and delivery orders. The clean transparent plastic shows off your food clearly, making them perfect for establishments that specialize in to go orders, as well as restaurants that provide leftovers. Each of these lids is shipped in bulk in a 200 count box. Small Cafe Vision Click Lock Take Out Containers can be purchased separately.

See What's Inside

Clear Window Displays Treats

Crystal clear windows allows guests to see through the top to create beautiful displays of your treats. Your prepared foods will look professional!

Pack Up Food To Go

Take Food To Go

Our take out containers have built-in or detachable lids that make your desserts or special gifts instantly portable.

Note: A selection of containers feature detachable lids that are available and sold separately.

Don't Worry About Messes

Grease-Resistant Design Prevents Leaks

Equipped with a grease-resistant lining, our take out boxes prevent oils and sauces from seeping through and creating stains. No more lining boxes with parchment paper!

Securely Contain Meals

Thick Paper Supports Heavy Portions

Made from sturdy paper, our disposable lunch boxes can hold the weight of cookies, wraps, or sandwiches. You won’t have to worry about food falling out!

Perfect Size

Fits All Types Of Food

With a variety of sizes available, you can select the perfect food container to fit your portions of meals and snacks. Package up full meals or up to a dozen cookies!

Pack Up Any Meal

Don’t Worry About Running Out

Each order is sold in bulk so you’ll always have enough boxes for bake sales or holiday gifts. Our containers arrive flat and can be easily assembled.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)4.3
Width (Inches)3.3
Height (Inches)0.5
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