Bio Tek 20 oz Kraft Paper To Go Fry Cup - 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 5" - 100 count box

Product Description

Use our Bio Tek 20-ounce Kraft Paper To Go Fry Cup to serve french fries or onion rings to dine-in and take out customers. With a tab lock closure, these snack cups allow you to securely seal orders to prevent food from falling out during transport. The cover of these french fry cups features dotted lines to make it easy for customers to open and close the cup while enjoying mozzarella sticks, fruits, crackers, and other hot or cold snacks. These french fry holders have a greaseproof lining to lock in greasy foods and ensure your customers' hands stay clean. Featuring a kraft finish, these paper french fry cups seamlessly complement the take out supplies at your foodservice establishment and allow you to write personalized notes. These paper treat cups are conveniently recyclable, providing you with a nature-friendly way to serve appetizers or desserts. To keep cups from occupying too much space on self-service stations or in your storage, these to go food cups are stackable. Measuring 3.25 inches in diameter by 5 inches in height, these kraft fry cups have a 20-ounce capacity. Sold in a 100 count box.

Lock In Greasy Foods

Greaseproof Lining Keeps Hands Clean

These paper french fry cups feature a greaseproof lining to keep oily foods locked in and your hands clean. Plus, they avoid those unsightly oil stains to preserve their charming look and create eye-catching food presentations.

Serve All Types Of Treats

Great For Hot & Cold Foods

Constructed from premium paper, these french fry cups securely contain your hot appetizers or cold desserts. Conveniently create appetizing charcuterie cups for your family gathering or serve french fries at your concession stand!

Conveniently Disposable

Made From High-Quality Paper

These paper food cups serve as the perfect alternative to conventional disposable fry cups. Plus, they are strong and sturdy for holding a hefty amount of your culinary creations.

Pick Your Style

Variety Of Designs & Finishes

From fry cups with a wide rim and incline design to fry cups with a foldable cover, choose the snack cup that best suits your needs. Each design is available in a white and kraft finish, making it easy to find the cup that best complements your serving supplies or venue colors.

Choose The Perfect Size

Selection Of Cups To Choose From

Our cups range from 3.5 inches in height to 5.1 inches in height. Conveniently use our small fry cups to serve children at your family gatherings or our large cups to fulfill large take out orders at your foodservice establishment.

Sold In Bulk

Perfect For Any Event

Each order includes 100 cups for french fries, providing you with plenty of cups to serve every guest at large events. These treat cups allow you to display a selection of treats for guests to enjoy.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)3.35
Width (Inches)3.35
Height (Inches)4.92
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