Eco Pie Newsprint and White Paper Corrugated Flatbread Box - 24" x 12" x 2" - 50 count box

Product Description

Use our unique Newsprint and White Paper Corrugated Flatbread Boxes to package take out or delivery orders. Manufactured from premium newsprint paper and E-Flute construction, these pizza boxes ensure sturdiness and longevity. With a grease-resistant design, these large flatbread boxes effectively stop oily and saucy substances from leaking through and creating messes. The 3-layered composition of these food boxes allows customers to carry weighty pizzas with multiple toppings without any spillage. These pizza boxes have a front-flap and tab-lock system that guarantees secure food transportation, and ventilation spaces maintain crispiness while preventing sogginess. Featuring a newsprint exterior and white interior, these corrugated pizza boxes bring a one-of-a-kind look to your pizzas, flatbreads, and other meals. Measuring 24 inches in length by 12 inches in width by 1.5 inches in height, these newsprint pizza boxes allow for efficient storage. Shipped in a 50 count box.

Avoid Condensation

Ventilating Spaces Keep Bread Fresh

Made from premium paper, these corrugated boxes have two heat dissipation vents to allow excess moisture outside. Keep the contents fresh!

No Need For Liners

Reliable Locking System Avoids Spills

For securing the contents inside, these takeaway boxes feature a tab-lock in front to securely close the box. No need to worry about the dishes falling out.

Secure Your Food

Withstands Grease Without Soaking

These cardboard pizza boxes keep grease from seeping out, allowing you to add your favorite toppings without worrying about messes. Pack flatbreads, pizzas, or pastries with ease!

High-Quality Construction

3-Layer Corrugated Board For Sturdiness

The premium E-flute design of these kraft pizza boxes offers durability and minimizes the chances of possible damage. Don't worry about boxes breaking!

Choose The Perfect One

Variety Of Sizes Available

Available in different sizes, these containers meet all your flatbread packaging needs. Great for small and large flatbreads!

Add Fun To Your Packaging

Multiple Colors Available

Pack food in superb packaging! Choose from our black, newsprint, or kraft finishes to effortlessly elevate your packaging.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)24
Width (Inches)12
Height (Inches)2
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