Pulp Tek 17 oz Rectangle Natural Sugarcane / Bagasse Catering Container - 3-Compartment - 9 1/4" x 3 3/4" x 1 3/4" - 100 count box

Product Description

Instantly upgrade your take out or delivery services with our Pulp Tek 15-ounce Rectangle Natural Sugarcane / Bagasse Catering Containers. With 3 built-in compartments, these catering food containers allow you to conveniently separate 3 different sides for a chic presentation and prevent them from mixing together. Crafted from bagasse, a plant-based byproduct of sugarcane processing, these 3 compartment food containers are commercially compostable and biodegradable, making them the perfect eco-friendly alternative to other disposable food boxes. These sugarcane containers are naturally grease-resistant to remain sturdy when filled with greasy foods and prevent oils from seeping through. Ideal for warm meals or chilled foods, these biodegradable containers are conveniently freezer-safe and microwave-safe. Prevent messes at catered events by pairing these catering containers with our clear lids (SKU: RWA0764C). These compostable catering boxes can contain a total of 13.5 ounces and measure 9.25 inches long by 3.75 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall. The compartments pictured on the left and middle can contain 4.4 ounces and measure 3.25 inches long by 2.4 inches wide. The compartment pictured on the right can contain 4.7 ounces and measures 3.25 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. Sold in a 1 count box. Lids are available and sold separately.

RWA0767K Product Details
Product MaterialBagasse
Product ColorNatural
Pack Size100 X 1 BX
Case Quantity
Product Length9.15 inches
Product Width3.75 inches
Product Height1.75 inches
Product Size17.000 ounces

Sturdy Design Holds Hefty Meals

Great for serving all types of meals! Sturdy base offers superior strength to handle the weight of large meals without the risk of bending or breaking.

Choose The Green Alternative

Made from sugarcane fibers, also known as bagasse, these containers are commercially compostable and biodegradable. Choose from a natural brown finish or a sleek white finish to complement your to-go orders.

Naturally Resistant To Grease

Mess-free solution to any meal! Grease-resistant design allows you to serve oily or greasy foods without worry about oils seeping through or the container getting soggy.

Microwave-Safe & Freezer-Safe

Versatile construction allows you to easily reheat meals upon arrival or conveniently store leftovers in the freezer to be enjoyed at a later time. Securely contain salads, pastas, burgers, and more!

Lids Are Available & Sold Separately

Easily pack up lunches or take food to go by pairing these containers with our wide collection of compatible bagasse or plastic lids. Compatible lids are available and sold separately.

Note: Clamshell design is built with a lid attached

Variety Of Sizes & Styles

From containers with multiple compartments to containers with clamshell lids, we offer a large selection of take out containers to choose from for any occasion.

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