It’s important to have tasting spoons that speak to your food’s personality as much as its flavor. Restaurantware’s collection of disposable tasting spoons is a plethora of unique, unconventional and modern styles that are sure to enhance all your dishes and servings.

Eco-friendly and sustainable, our disposable tasting spoons come in varying sizes and styles, including carved bamboo, as well as wave, teardrop and stiletto styles. Each spoon style differs in depth, depending on what you need. And all of the disposable tasting spoons are made of sturdy, quality materials. Whether you need a flat carved bamboo spoon for a rustic informal setting or a sea green clear stiletto spoon with its arched handle for a more lavish affair, we have the disposable tasting spoons you need to serve up any kind of bite-sized fare.

These tasting spoons are made primarily with recyclable plastic and biodegradable bamboo and offer a convenient and chic way to serve up meal samples of every kind. Our disposable tasting spoons also go well with our other disposable tableware options including serving trays, mini plates, boats, canoes, bowls, and cups.

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