Fruit, salads, ice cream, parfaits, jello molds, and even small portions of teriyaki chicken, all look and taste better when served in a sleek, stylish -- yet fun -- mini cup. And at Restaurantware, you can find all manner of mini disposable food cups, and mini disposable bowls for all your mini food serving needs. Eco-friendly, sustainable, and easy on the eyes, you can pack a lot of bite-sized deliciousness into these mini disposable food cups, while also being environmentally responsible.

Restaurantware offers an elegantly eclectic collection of quality mini disposable food cups, vessels, and mini disposable bowls, that come in white, black, bamboo and clear varieties. Whether you’re serving a shrimp kabob, a cluster of fresh raspberries, a mini layer cake, or a small order of chicken fingers, Restaurantware has all the mini disposable food cups, bodega cups, and bamboo tubes you need to keep your hungry customers satisfied. We also offer a myriad of mini saucepans, mini steamers, canoe dishes, and shot glasses to choose from.

Our mini disposable food cups and mini disposable bowls go well with our other disposable tableware options, including mini-plates, spoons, disposable boats and canoes, and serving cones. Our collection of disposable food cups will bring an air of fun sophistication and style to any food item or appetizer served at your hotel, catering business, or restaurant.

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