Serve your customers salads, fruit, pasta, pastries, yogurt parfaits, salsa dip, or any other delectable snack in these elegant and stylish disposable bowls and cups from Restaurantware. Made of durable, quality, and eco-friendly materials, these disposable bowls are perfect for serving up any kind of snack food, dessert, or salad. Our distinctive bowls and cups come in various colors, styles, sizes, and depth, and will add to your restaurant, food service or catering business a posh and appetizing aesthetic that is sure to please the eyes and taste buds of all your customers.

We offer stylish coconut shell bowls, Kova cups, and Girata dessert dishes, soup cups and lids, as well as clear serving balloons, leaf bowls and so much more. All our disposable bowls and cups are trendy, clean and aesthetically pleasing, and all are sustainable and made to last. Whether you’re serving a complex salad mix of fresh greens, pasta, and proteins, or just a simple soup or stew, Restaurantware has all the disposable bowls, cups, and vessels you need to keep your hungry customers satisfied.

Restaurantware’s disposable bowls and cups go well with our other disposable tableware options, including mini-plates, spoons, disposable boats and canoes, and serving cones. Our collection of disposable bowls and cups will bring an air of sophistication and style to any food item or appetizer served at your hotel, catering business, or restaurant.

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