Natural Hay Drinking Straw - Biodegradable - 8" - 1000 count box

Product Description

Serve your refreshments with the ultimate sustainable approach using Restaurantware's Biodegradable Natural Hay Drinking Straws. Our biodegradable and natural hay straws are carefully made from the stems of the wheat plant that remain after farmers harvest their crops. We collect these all-natural wheat stems, neatly trim them to size, and thoroughly clean them in a special triple-sanitation process. Processed without the addition of harmful bleaches, chemicals, or artificial dyes, these natural straws are entirely biodegradable and compostable in any home or commercial composting bin. And unlike paper straws, these hay straws are made from a naturally water-resistant material -- so your straws won't get soggy! The best biodegradable straws on the market, these natural hay straws are great for serving lemonades, iced teas, waters, mixed drinks and more! Each of these biodegradable straws measures around 7.9 inches in length. Due to natural variations in the wheat plant, each biodegradable drinking straw is unique in size, shape, and color. Sold in a 1,000 count box.

Won't Get Soggy

Stays Sturdy For Hours

Made from natural hay stems that won't get soggy for hours. Don't worry about straws disintegrating in drinks!

Better For The Earth

Choose The Green Alternative

After farmers harvest their wheat crop, we collect the hay stems that remain and repurpose them into these 100% biodegradable, natural drinking straws. Triple-sanitation process guarantees each straw has been effectively washed and cured.

Sip On Drinks Or Cocktails

Variety Of Sizes Available

We offer hay straws in cocktail length and drinking length to easily serve your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Serve all types of drinks!

Note: Can be used for hot and cold drinks.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)7.9
Width (Inches)0.19
Height (Inches)0.19
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