Upgrade the look and sustainability of your beverage service with Restaurantware's selection of stylish and eco-friendly straws. From biodegradable straws to compostable straws, we have a wide selection of disposable straws that are excellent alternatives to plastic straws. Plastic drinking straws have become a serious environmental hazard, endangering sea life and overwhelming landfills, while contributing to increased amounts of ocean pollution. We've specifically designed our collection of earth-friendly straws to include styles and materials that are premium alternatives to harmful plastic straws.

Whether you're looking for eye-catching paper straws or all-natural hay straws, our assortment of biodegradable drinking straws includes perfect styles of eco-friendly straws for all types of cocktails and refreshments. We offer paper drinking straws in an array of attention-grabbing designs and colors to fit the look of any restaurant, bar, cafe, or other foodservice establishment. If you're looking for biodegradable drinking straws manufactured from only organic materials, our natural hay straws are the perfect option for you. Choose compostable straws made from cornstarch-based plastic, like our PLA straws, to provide consumers with a comparable and eco-friendly replacement for traditional plastic straws.

We have a wide variety of wrapped and unwrapped straws to choose from, depending on your establishment's needs and volume. Our straws are available in a variety of fun and chic designs to enhance the look of any drink, and they're durable enough to withstand use in all types of refreshing cold beverages. Browse our selection of natural hay drinking straws, paper straws, and PLA straws to find the best products for your business.


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