Natural Bamboo Spiral Skewer - Spiral - 6" - 1000 count box

Product Description

Create beautiful cocktail garnishes with our Natural Bamboo Spiral Skewers. These cocktail skewers feature a unique spiral design with two-tone finish to elevate the look of your drinks or appetizers. Made from durable bamboo, these disposable appetizer skewers are biodegradable and commercially compostable for an eco-friendly disposal after eating. These bamboo skewers are smooth and have a splinter-free design to prevent potential wood chipping during preparation process and avoid accidents. The sharp tips of these party food toothpicks ensures you can easily pierce through various olives, cherries, lime wedges or lime wheels. These bamboo decorative picks are durable and sturdy to hold onto pierced food items without bending or snapping. Each spiral bamboo skewer measures 6 inches in length. Shipped in a 1,000 count box.

So Many Options

Stylish Designs For Unique Presentations

Find the perfect skewer! These skewers are available in a variety of stylish designs such as heart, ladybug, or peacock ends so you can impress every party guest.

Serve Snacks Or Garnish Drinks

Sharp Ends Easily Pierce Food

The pointed ends of these food picks effortlessly spear through fruits, cheeses, and meats. These picks can hold multiple layers of foods, making them ideal for cocktails and appetizers.

Strong & Sturdy

Won't Bend Or Break

Each of these skewers is made from natural bamboo or sturdy plastic to prevent splinters or breakage while enjoying snacks. Plus, their surface is sleek and smooth for comfortable handling.

Great For Parties

Enhance Your Appetizers

All of our skewers come with decorative ends to match perfectly with your wedding, birthday, or holiday events. Complete the look of your appetizers!

Clean Up In No Time

Conveniently Disposable

These wood and plastic skewers can be easily thrown out after serving a large number of guests. Don't worry about cleaning up after large events!

Sold In Bulk

Don't Worry About Running Out

Many of our party skewers are available in bulk, ideal for serving food and drinks at multiple parties. No need to worry about running out of skewers in the middle of serving guests!

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)5.9
Width (Inches)0.12
Height (Inches)0.12
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