Make a stylish statement on any cocktail, appetizer or food order with Restaurantware’s eclectic collection of inventive and charming drink picks, food picks and toothpicks. We have decorative picks that bring out your restaurant's charm, and we have standard style picks for a more serious vibe. Whatever your restaurant or bar's ambiance, we have a vast selection of imaginative picks to choose from.

We have acrylic flower skewers and bamboo bow tie skewers. We also have skewers decorated with tiny skulls on top of each pick, as well as happy faces, feathers, and even pine cones. And, for our sports themed picks, we offer skewers with tiny basketballs, footballs, baseballs, tennis balls, and golf tees  -- perfect for sports bars, grills, and catered sporting events.

The food picks are perfect skewers for serving all kinds of appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, and desserts. Choose a customizable food pick with your logo or restaurant name printed on each paddle, or get our black chalkboard picks to write whatever you’d like on the paddles for different servings.

Our drink picks are versatile and adaptable, so you can use the decorative, knotted or beaded skewers for any type of fruit or olive for cocktails. And our toothpicks come in wood, clear or hand painted.

Made from organic bamboo, all of our skewers and picks are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Restaurantware's diverse collection of drink picks, food picks, and toothpicks are perfect for buffets, restaurants, steakhouses, hotels, catered events, and so much more.

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