Make a stylish statement with your cocktails, kebabs, burgers, and desserts using Restaurantware’s selection of disposable bamboo paddle skewers. Perfect for enhancing the presentation of cocktail garnishes or passed appetizers, our selection of bamboo paddle skewers adds chic convenience to restaurants, catering events, and other foodservice establishments. Whether serving up signature cocktails or delicious grilled kebabs, these bamboo paddle skewers are a versatile and eye-catching option.

Unlike conventional skewers, our disposable paddle picks and paddle skewers include handles on the stems, to provide easy handling and extra room to customize your picks. Offered in various sizes and designs, our bamboo skewer sticks are great for serving sandwiches, kebabs, and a selection of cheeses and fruits. Choose from our customizable paddle skewers to place your company’s logo or slogan on the handles to add a personalized touch to your meals. Our skewer sticks are carefully crafted from all-natural bamboo and are eco-friendly and disposable. They're a great option for reducing plastic waste generated by your establishment or event. Our paddle skewer’s sturdy construction eliminates the risk of splintering or snapping during use.

In addition to our skewers' practical benefits, they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dish. Your food will look both beautiful and delicious when served with our bamboo paddle skewers. With their sharp points and sturdy construction, these bamboo paddle picks securely hold all ingredients, from juicy fruits to succulent meat. Ideal for grilling meats or roasting vegetables, our disposable paddle picks and skewers are designed to withstand high-heat applications. Our disposable paddle skewers and picks are conveniently heat-safe. A perfect addition to any plate, choose from our selection of bamboo paddle skewers and picks to create an unconventional form of branding and add a distinct look to your foods. Continue serving guests delicious finger food by browsing our food markers and grilling skewers. Plus, you can also add special toppings to drinks with our unique designs of picks.

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