No matter the setting, hors d'oeuvres somehow always end up tasting better when served on knotted skewers. Maybe it's because they're so decorative and fancy, or maybe it's because they make food sampling much easier than traditional picks and skewers. Whatever the reason, Restaurantware has all the stylishly crafted knotted bamboo skewers and knotted bamboo picks you need to give all your small food servings and fruit kebabs some flair.

Each of our eco-friendly knotted bamboo skewers and picks are sturdy and made from all-natural, sustainable bamboo. They're crafted with a secure stylish twisted knot for easy piercing and handling of meats, seafood, poultry, amuse bouche, mini appetizers, little desserts, and small-sized sandwiches. The knotted bamboo picks are water resistant, making them perfect for craft cocktails. They're also useful for appetizer samplers, salad garnishes, and other individual small bites.

Both the knotted skewers and picks are great for trays and platter servings of all kinds. So add some sophistication and elegance to all your mini treats, cocktails and desserts with this quality selection of eco-friendly knotted bamboo skewers and knotted bamboo picks from Restaurantware.

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