Robata Sturdy Natural Bamboo Grilling Skewer - 8" - 1000 count box

Product Description

Grill your favorite veggies with our Robata Sturdy Natural Bamboo Grilling Skewers. These kebab sticks are crafted from premium bamboo and have heavy-duty durability to hold the weight of various food items without bending or breaking. The rustic look of these wooden BBQ skewers adds a stylish touch and elevates the look of food presentation. These wooden skewers are biodegradable and commercially compostable to facilitate an eco-friendly cleaning experience after eating. The sharp tips of these bamboo skewers ensure you can easily pierce through your favorite vegetables, fruits, or meat. These disposable appetizer sticks are splinter-free with a smooth surface for the safe handling of skewers while eating or preparing food. Each kebab grilling skewer measures 8 inches in length. Shipped in a 1,000 count box.

Strong & Sturdy

Natural Bamboo Holds Heavy Foods

Constructed from durable bamboo, these grilling skewers are strong and sturdy to hold the weight of vegetables and meats without breaking. These sturdy skewers firmly hold foods while you’re grilling or enjoying kebabs.

Serve All Types Of Food

Pointed Tip For Easy Piercing

Whether you’re grilling steaks at a family barbecue or veggies at a birthday party, these high-quality skewers make it easy to assemble your kebabs. Pierce through tough salmon or zucchini with ease!

Smooth Finish

No More Splinters

These bamboo skewers feature a smooth and splinter-free design for safe handling. Make crafts for an art project or cook dishes at a family gathering without worrying about getting splinters.

Conveniently Disposable

Choose The Green Alternative

No need to wash each skewer by hand after large parties! These bamboo grilling skewers are disposable, allowing your guests to simply dispose of skewers after enjoying dishes.

So Many Sizes

Find The Perfect Skewers

From 8-inch skewers to 12-inch skewers, choose the grilling picks that best fit your needs. Conveniently use small picks to hold sandwiches together or long skewers to create appetizers that feature a variety of ingredients.

Sold In Bulk

Don't Worry About Running Out

Each order includes 1,000 sturdy bamboo skewers, providing you with plenty of skewers to prepare kebabs at a catered event or birthday party. Display a variety of skewers on serving platters, skewer displays, or appetizer tables.

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  1. Durable
    Skewers are durable, well made and add a nice touch to the kabobs that we serve in our restaurant, Glad we ordered them.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)8
Width (Inches)0.25
Height (Inches)0.125
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