Properly label and present steak, seafood and other proteins with Restaurantware’s collection of disposable food markers. Whether you’re looking to distinguish the cook styles of your meats or promote safe food consumption for vegan or gluten-free customers, Restaurantware offers an assortment of food markers to cater to your food establishment or catering company needs.

From rare to well done, our meat markers feature a range of temperatures printed on the handles to indicate your customer’s preferred cook style. Our food markers are specially crafted with organic bamboo and are completely disposable and biodegradable, for a swift and sustainable cleanup. Our food markers are designed with wide handles, to clearly read the labels while offering an easy-to-hold grip for your foods. Sturdily built, our bamboo skewers won’t splinter or snap under the weight of your sandwiches, burgers or desserts. Plus, each food marker features a sharp edge to easily pierce through the thickest cuts of meat or the softest of cupcakes.

Our RWSmart Collection of bamboo food markers have “gluten-free” and “vegan” printed on the handles to clearly label entrees for customers with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Ideal for restaurants or food trucks, our disposable food markers are a great way of catering to your customer's needs while also adding a charming touch to your presentation.

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