Balloonify Brown, Beige and White Balloon Arch / Garland Kit - 149 Pieces - 1 count box

Product Description

Elevate the appeal of your birthday party hall by using our Balloonify Brown, Beige and White Balloon Arch / Garland Kit. To make garlands of your choice, this beige and white balloon garland kit includes 146 balloons, 1 glue dot strip, 1 balloon chain, and 1 fishing line. This balloon arch kit contains 43 retro coco balloons, 33 matte white balloons, 44 retro ivory white, and 26 retro sand white balloons, giving an elegant look to your decorations. The latex material of these balloons makes them highly durable to avoid accidental popping. Once filled with air or helium, these balloons will stay inflated for 15 days without any discoloration patches. These premium latex balloons are odorless, unlike conventional rubber balloons, making them a good choice for indoor celebrations. The balloon chain with snowman holes of this balloon garland backdrop allows 99 balloons to be fixed by putting the knot through the big hole and sliding it into the small one. Stick more balloons in this balloon garland kit with the help of 100 nano glue dots in the package. The glue dots in this arch kit are moistureproof and do not leave any residue on your wall. In this set, you'll receive 5-inch balloons (60 pieces), 10-inch balloons (70 pieces), 12-inch balloons(14 pieces), and 18-inch balloons(2 pieces). All the balloons are shipped flat and deflated. Each order includes 1 balloon garland kit with 149 pieces in total.

Customize Balloon Decors

Simple Kit With Tools Included

These balloon garland party kits include a variety of balloons, 1 balloon strip, 1 glue dot strip, and a selection of kits also include a fishing line to hang up balloons. Each kit includes everything you need to create arches or garlands by yourself.

Won't Easily Pop

Stays Inflated For Longer

Made from premium latex, the balloons of these kits can stay inflated for 15 days without shrinking or wrinkling up. These are are thick and have excellent elasticity!

Various Colors

Strip Secures 99 Balloons

Each balloon garland kit has different sets of balloons for you to mix and match and create a unique balloon arch. From vibrant colors to matte finishes, there are many color schemes to choose from.

Keep Balloons Tightly Tied

Conveniently Microwavable And Freezable

Made from premium latex, the balloons of these kits can stay inflated for 15 days without shrinking or wrinkling up. Create beautiful garlands that look like they were made by a professional.

Fill In Empty Spaces

Glue Dot Strips To Attach Smaller Balloons

With the glue dot strip, these garland kits let you attach clusters of small balloons together and bond them to the bigger ones, giving a unique look to your garland. No gaps or patches left!

Easily Versatile

Decorations For All Events

These balloon garland kits for parties let you easily create arch for all your special occasions and gatherings. Impress your guests!

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)14.173
Width (Inches)9.843
Height (Inches)1.18
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