Add a flavorful citrus taste to drinks and dishes with Restaurantware’s line of lemon wraps. Our lemon wraps allow your employees to effortlessly squeeze lemons to smoothly pour lemon juice into tea, water, fruit punch, and other tasty beverages.

Featuring a mesh design, our lemon stretch wraps are built to easily wrap around lemon wedges to ensure they trap pulp and seeds to prevent them from falling into food. Crafted from cotton, our lemon wedge bags are eco-friendly and conveniently disposable allowing your employees to quickly clean up after usage. Our meshed lemon wedge bags are perfect to pair with fish, chicken, soup, and other dishes to allow your customers to effortlessly squeeze the perfect amount of lemon juice they want on their meals.

Find the right lemon wedge bags for your restaurant, food truck, bar, or other foodservice establishment with our selection of lemon bags. With unique designs, our meshed lemon wraps effortlessly enhance the presentation of your tasty dishes.

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