Label Tek Plastic Antioxidant Elixir Label - Clear with White Font, Water-Resistant - 2" x 1" - 100 count box

Product Description

Keep juices neatly organized using our Label Tek Plastic Antioxidant Elixir Labels. These water-resistant juice labels are built to hold up to condensation, making them excellent for labeling chilled beverages or juice shots. Reading "ANTIOXIDANT ELIXIR" in white cursive font, these drink labels provide your health-conscious customers with an effortless way to identify juices filled with antioxidants to minimize contact with other bottled drinks. Featuring a clear background, these elixir labels create a seamless look on juice bottles while allowing customers to view the lively colors of cold-pressed juices. Plus, they create a charming and trendy look that eliminates the need for personalized stickers. Pair these clear juice labels with our selection of tamper-evident juice bottles and drink pouches to easily package to-go juices that charge up your guests' immune system. These antioxidant elixir labels come in a sheet, allowing employees to quickly label bottled juices at your juice bar, restaurant, or catered event. Each water-resistant label measures 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. Sold in a 100 count box. Drink pouches and juice bottles sold separately. Browse our selection of water-resistant juice labels to find the perfect packaging solution for each beverage to increase order accuracy.

Accurately Label Bottles

Variety Of Drink Stickers

Choose from a variety of stickers to accurately label your drinks. Your guests won’t have to shuffle through multiple packaged drinks to find the beverage of their choice.


Won’t Peel Off When Refrigerated

These drink labels are water-resistant to stand up to condensation and prevent peeling off from chilled drinks. Conveniently store your packaged drinks in the fridge!

Glossy & Clear

Create A Seamless Look

With white text, clear background, and a glossy finish, these drink stickers create a seamless look with any type of container. Show off the vibrant colors of your smoothies!

Bottles Available

Take Drinks On The Go

Pair these labels with our clear juice bottles and drink pouches so guests can comfortably enjoy beverages on the go. Perfect for delivery orders or grab-and-go stations!

Note: Juice bottles are available and sold separately.

Easily Access & Store Stickers

Sticker Sheets For Easy Labeling

These stickers come in a sheet for easily labeling multiple drinks. Not to mention, the sheets can be conveniently stored to save space in your drawers or cupboards.

Sold In Bulk

Don’t Worry About Running Out

Available in a 100 count box, these water-resistant labels are sold in large quantities to last you a long time. Great for restaurants, catering, special events, and more!

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)1.9
Width (Inches)1
Height (Inches)0.002
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