Conveniently label your perishable ingredients, premade dishes, and add a tamper-evident seal to containers with Restaurantware’s line of labels and dispensers. Perfect for maintaining first in, first out food rotation, our food labels and dispensers help keep your kitchen organized and minimize food waste. Our collection of tamper-evident stickers create an easy way to make all of your food packaging tamperproof.


With more than 15 styles available, our tamperproof stickers provide an easy way to label meals while revealing a “VOID” message once a package has been opened to alert customers that their items may be compromised. We also offer juice bottle labels that are water-resistant to guarantee your juices, smoothies, and kombuchas stay reliably labeled in your refrigerators. Creating a cohesive labeling system for your food packaging helps boost brand image and shows customers that your business cares about the safety and quality of their meals.


A selection of our food date labels feature instructions written in English, Spanish, and French to ensure all of your employees can easily understand what to do with each product. Each sticker is available in a different color which allows your staff to effortlessly identify older products and use them first. Our commercial food labels are specially designed to be easily removable or dissolvable to eliminate the possibility of sticky residues and maintain the look of your establishment's food containers. Featuring a variety of slots, our label roll dispensers expertly contain food stickers to keep work stations free from clutter.


Find the right food labels and dispensers for your restaurant, deli, cafe, or other foodservice establishment with our wide selection of high-quality label dispensers and stickers. Whether you’re looking to provide your staff with information about ingredients or want to add a safety seal to delivery orders, we have the products you need to run an efficient kitchen and streamline your take out operations.

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