Versatility, durability, and convenience are absolutely essential when it comes to quality utensils and flatware. That’s why Restaurantware offers an extensive selection of flatware, silverware, and utensils that are as eco-friendly as they are practical and sturdy. We have all the right utensils, silverware, and flatware that best suit all your serving needs.

Our silver-colored plastic fork, spoons, and knives will bring convenient sophistication to any takeout order or dish, while our bamboo forks, spoons and knives add a rustic elegance to any meal or serving. For those looking to offer customers an entire disposable serviceware set with their food, we offer a wooden cutlery set that comes with a fork, spoon, knife, and napkin in a recycled paper pouch. We also have an individual wood fork, spoon and knife option and, for more upscale occasions, we have cutlery sets that come wrapped in a premium white napkin. 

All of Restaurantware’s utensils, flatware and silverware are eco-friendly and sustainable. Take our PLA Compostable forks and knives, for example. PLA plastics are compostable where commercial compost facilities are available, and they don’t produce toxic fumes if incinerated. Our PLA Compostable forks and knives are not only easy to use, but they’re also, sturdy and -- most importantly -- environmentally friendly.

Whatever kind of food you're serving at whatever kind of venue or event, Restaurantware is sure to have the exact flatware, silverware, and utensils you need for your customers and guests to enjoy.

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