Fashion Gray Plastic Cake Fork with Knife Edge - 4" x 3/4" - 500 count box

Product Description

Achieve the perfect bite every time with our Fashion Gray Plastic Cake Forks with Knife Edge. Featuring an innovative built-in knife edge, these pastry forks do the job of a knife and fork in one utensil. The strong and sturdy plastic construction of these mini forks is designed to withstand heavy forkfuls of your tasty treats. With the extra-wide knife-edged tine, these sharp edge forks smoothly cut through buttery pie crusts and thick fondant toppings. Convenient to dispose of, these dessert forks make cleaning after parties easy as you can just discard them. Easily recyclable, these gray forks with sharp edges are sustainable. Each of these small forks measures 4 inches long and features a fashionable gray finish. Sold in a 500 count box.

Durable Construction

Made From High-Quality Plastic

Made from durable plastic material, these cake forks are capable of withstanding sizable portions of cake or generous servings of pie without any difficulty. Whether you're cutting into a wedding or birthday cake, pastries, pies or other desserts, their strong plastic build guarantees sturdiness with every bite.

Perfect For Desserts

Innovative Built-In Knife Edge

With a sleek, innovative built-in knife edge these mini forks are designed to glide effortlessly through even the thickest of cakes and buttery crusts. Celebrate those special moments with lightweight mini forks perfect for dessert slicing!

Pick The Perfect One

Variety Of Colors Available

With a variety of colors available, these cake forks add a memorable touch to your selection of frozen treats. Plus, they are disposable too!

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Product Specs
ColorFashion Grey
Length (Inches)4
Width (Inches)0.75
Height (Inches)0.2
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