Even with disposable drinkware, wine is a sophisticated libation that should be served in an equally sophisticated vessel. That’s why Restaurantware offers two simple, yet elegant, styles of plastic wine glasses for you to serve wine in, while still keeping things refined and cultivated. Whether you're serving pinot noir to pair with truffles, chardonnay with a nice salmon, or a cabernet, Bordeaux and Bordeaux-style blend with a steak dinner, our disposable wine glasses are perfect for any occasion. 

Our chalice wine glass is a 4.4 ounce of elegant simplicity, offering a unique touch to cocktails, mocktails, aperitifs, and any other type of wine or beverage. We also offer a 2-ounce mini wine goblet for a more traditional type of disposable wine glass.

So make sure there's plenty of merlot, white, red, rosé, or sparkling wines at your next catered event, wedding reception or banquet, and make sure you have plenty of our handsome disposable wine glasses on hand to serve them up in.

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