Sustain 8 oz Kraft Paper Coffee Cup - PLA Lining, Compostable, Ripple Wall - 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" - 500 count box

Product Description

Treat your guests to a refreshing cup of americano or ginger tea with our Sustain 8-ounce Kraft Paper Coffee Cups. These hot drink cups sport a ripple wall design for a better grip, eliminating the need for cup sleeves and minimizing waste. Made with high-quality kraft paper lined with PLA, these disposable coffee cups are sturdy and moistureproof to keep them from getting soggy. These eco-friendly cups are commercially compostable and biodegradable, making them a sustainable alternative to plastic cups. With a thick rolled rim and a slightly tapered finish towards the bottom, these stackable ripple cups stay in shape and provide a perfect fit for lids. These paper cups come with an "I AM COMPOSTABLE" message to let your customers know about your sustainable ways of serving. Withstanding temperatures up to 212F, these freezable ripple wall coffee cups are ideal for serving hot or cold beverages. Keep beverages from spilling while sipping by pairing these coffee cups with our commercially compostable lids (search: RWA0381W) or our collection of plastic coffee lids. These commercially compostable paper cups measure 3.5 inches in diameter by 3.5 inches in height, making them ideal for serving a small cup of coffee or tea in your coffee shop, bistro, or kiosk. Shipped in a 500 count box. This item will only degrade outside of the traditional solid waste stream. Lids are available and sold separately.

Lock In The Heat

Coffee Stays Hotter For Longer

Made with premium kraft paper, these coffee cups provide a cushion of warm air between the inner and outer layers of the cups, maintaining the warmth and freshness of the beverage. Keep coffee fresh for a long time!

No More Leaks

Moistureproof PLA Lining Inside

The PLA bioplastic lining of these ripple coffee cups avoids leakage and weakening of the cups while being sustainable. Plus, these cups tolerate temperatures up to 212F.

No Sleeves Needed

Air Pocket Insulation Keeps Hands Cool

These kraft paper cups have ripple folds on the outside layer, insulating the heat inside the air pocket to protect your hands from getting burned while you enjoy hot beverages. Minimizes wastage!

Sustainable Living

Includes A Message On Every Cup

These insulated to go cups have an ecologically-conscious message printed on their outside to encourage consumers to dispose of them responsibly. Lowers your overall carbon footprint.

Easy To Hold & Carry

Unique Ripple Wall Texture

The rolled rims and the ripple wall texture of these cups provide a better grip and comfortable hold while you sip your coffee. The tapered finish makes them stackable for storage and transport.

Comfortable Sip On The Go

Pair With Compatible Lids

Use our coordinating plastic coffee cup lids with these hot cups to secure your drinks while taking coffee on-the-go. Tightly fitting lids to avoid spillage.

Note: Lids are available and sold separately.

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Product Specs
Capacity8 oz
Length (Inches)3.5
Width (Inches)3.5
Height (Inches)3.5
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