Vino Vision Clear Plastic Wine Box - Pop & Lock Bottom - 12 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" - 100 count box

Product Description

Add elegance and style to any wine bottle with our Vino Vision Clear Plastic Wine Boxes. Made from premium PET plastic, these champagne wine boxes are sturdy to hold hefty bottles. Designed with an easy-to-use pop-and-lock bottom mechanism, this clear wine box securely locks the top. Ideal as a champagne box, or a wine gift box, this chic clear plastic container adds a sophisticated touch to any social occasion. The chic transparent finish of this wine box shows off the bottle inside.The rectangle design of this plastic gift box holds any champagne bottle or wine bottle securely without falling. To easily discard them after a large wedding banquet, these champagne gift holders are disposable. Each plastic wine box measures 12.5 inches in length by 3.5 inches in width, making them perfect for holding one 12-inch 750 mL wine or champagne bottle. Shipped in a 100 count box.

Effortlessly Sturdy

Premium PET Plastic

Crafted using high-quality PET plastic, these robust champagne wine boxes are designed to withstand the weight of heavy bottles. Their durability ensures secure storage for your cherished sparkling beverages.

Securely Locks In Wine

Pop-And-Lock Bottom Mechanism

With its pop-and-lock bottom mechanism, these transparent wine boxes effortlessly secure the top, providing a reliable storage solution. Always be sure that these wine boxes are transported in a reliable manner!

Expertly Showcase Bottles

Clear Finish

Featuring an elegant transparent finish, these wine boxes beautifully showcases the bottle housed within, adding a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Create a visually appealing presentation that enhances the overall aesthetic of your party!

Simple Cleanup

Easily Disposable

For effortless disposal after a grand wedding banquet, these champagne gift holders are designed to be disposable, offering convenience without compromising on style. Avoid a hectic cleaning process!

Ideal For Any Occasion

Versatile Design

Whether used as a champagne box or a wine gift box, these stylish clear plastic containers effortlessly bring a touch of elegance to every social gathering. Hold any bottle you'd like!

Suitable For Formal Gatherings

100 Boxes Per Order

In each order, you will receive 100 champagne gift holders, making them the perfect choice for large events, corporate functions, or gifting purposes where you need a significant quantity to cater to a sizable gathering. Conveniently ensure you have an ample supply of these stylish champagne gift holders!

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)12.6
Width (Inches)3.4
Height (Inches)3.4
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